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I would like to introduce you to a fun, unique new machine. This revolutionary machine will add $ Thousands of dollars $ to your operations annual sales. The best part is, it will cost you NOTHING. That's right, there is absolutely no risk at all on your part.

IMD Inc. is the manufacturer of high tech souvenir coin vending machines called “Cointraptions.” These machines vend a custom coin original to your location. This machine does NOT smash pennies. It dispenses a high quality, very nice looking, double sided, round, solid copper, coin. The coins are about the size of a ½ dollar. At 2 for $5.00 and $3.00 ea, these coins are probably the best souvenir deal there is for the money. They have proven to be very popular with tourists.

As you can see from the picture, these machines are designed to attract attention, yet remain very classy looking. The internal workings are completely visible from three sides. This visible view, along with the color scheme and creative signage create a striking sight that actually motivates people to spend money.

    Customers purchase a coin by inserting money or swiping a credit card (Where applicable) and simply watch as their coin is delivered to them. There are no buttons for the customer to push or decisions to be made beyond the initial decision to buy a coin. This simple approach to vending is very important where a multinational consumer exists. 

    The amount of money a machine brings in, is dependent on a few variables. The three main variables determining sales are, first, location of the machine in your establishment. If a machine can be placed where people will casually walk past it multiple times, the sales figures increase dramatically. Secondly, number of people exposed to the machine, obviously lots of people can do wonders for sales. The third variable is the clientele, this is an easy one, “Tourists.” Tourists really do love these coins and the proprietors and organizations that have our machines remain excited and enjoy the risk free, no hassle revenue. 

    Our attitude is simply this, if it works for one of us it will work for the other.  In other words we supply the machine at no cost or risk to you. We work out a percentage split of the moneys and after an agreed upon time period, if we are both pleased, we will do it again.In a nutshell, if your place of business is exposed to lots of tourists and you have the authority or are at liberty to place such a machine, or even if you just have more questions, please give us a call or send us an E-Mail Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.  Sincerely, Steve Harwood


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